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Cattle Rules

2020 American Junior Simbrah Round Up

Cattle Rules


AJSR Owned Judge - David Flemming

AJSR Showmanship - Natalie Herzog

AJSR Bred and Owned - Natalie Herzog

*Health Papers are not required*

*Bred and Owned Purebreds and Percentages show together*

*Showmanship exhibitors in AJSR must show their own cattle*

Eligibility of Contestants

Contestants in the American Junior Simbrah Round Up must be paid members of the American Simmental Association. Visit for membership forms and associated fees. Junior members pay $50/annually to be members of the American Simmental Association.

Eligibility of Cattle 

1.  Cattle being shown in the American Junior Simbrah Round Up must be registered in the name of the Jr. Exhibitor by June 1, 2020.

2.  Cattle may not be registered in a partnership or ranch name and be eligible to compete in the American Junior Simbrah Round Up.

3.   Purebred Heifers and Purebred Bulls (3/8 x 5/8) are eligible to compete. Heifers and bulls can’t be older than January 1, 2018.

4.   Percentage Heifers and Percentage Bulls must be at least 50% Simbrah with not more than 50% of another registered breed.

5.   If proclaimed pregnant, heifers born before December 1, 2018 must be bred with pregnancy verification on Health Certificate by a Licensed Veterinarian or verification that the animal in question has been in Embryo Transfer.

6.     All cattle being shown at the American Junior Simbrah Round Up must have a legible tattoo or brand that conforms to ASA record to be eligible.  All cattle entered in AJSR are subject to DNA verification.  All champions will be DNA verified.

7.   Original certificates of registration must be presented at time of check in. No photocopies will be accepted unless the heifer is a scramble calf. In this case, the official show stamp must be on the photo copy.

8.    Cattle bred and owned by the exhibitor must be entered in the Bred and Owned division on the entry form. 

There is no additional entry fee for this show.  This includes Purebred Heifers and Bulls and Percentage Heifers and Bulls.  Bred and Owned cattle must be verified by registration papers showing only the junior member as the breeder.

9.     This is a non-fit, blow and go show, no grooming products on the cattle when they enter the ring.

10.  Classes will be broken by the show officials after check in is complete.

11. All bulls exhibited in individual classes must have a nose lead in place while in the arena.





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